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Jo Malone Designs is an independent design company offering services in various creative mediums including:
Creative Art, Print Design (Brochures, Posters, Logo and Business ID Development),
Web Design Services, CD and DVD Design, Photography, Photographic Restoration,
Jewelry Design and Production, Writing and Proofreading, T-Shirt Design,
Creative Crocheted items (Blankets, Throws, Bride Dolls, Baby Dolls, Stuffed animals etc.),
Scrapbook Designs and much, much more. Our Web site offers more information
on all of the above creative services. Got a creative design need?
E-mail us at malonedesigns@comcast.net with the specifics of your project.

We have staff who can create art in several mediums. The subject matter varies but the quality is superb.

If you need flyers, forms, brochures, posters, business cards, a multi page 4-color catalog etc.,
we have the experience and expertise to deliver your materials on a timely basis and at affordable
prices. Just e-mail us at malonedesigns@comcast.net with the specifics of your project.
Need references? Want to see samples of prior projects? Need a printer connection?
You can browse through a collection of our recently completed projects or read about our
current clients and printer sources by clicking on the appropriate button to the left.
You can also obtain the information you'll need when ordering our services. Have fun browsing!
When you're ready, we'd be happy to discuss your project with you and get you top-notch design services for reasonable prices!

We have several Web designers available to create the perfect site for personal or business use.
The design can be simple or a full-blown business site for selling your product.
You tell us what you need and we get the right person to create it for you!

Jo Malone Designs has been involved with many CD designs for music artists, DVD designs for
those family treasures you've transferred to digital format, as well as CD/DVD designs with
business logos for proposals and sales materials. We work with many CD/DVD
manufacturers to produce not only quality output but the sky's the limit on quantity as well.
Just tell us your needs and we will get the job done. Click here to find out more.

PHOTOGRAPHY (Artography)
If you need photography for flyers, brochures, or just need an 8 X 10" headshot to jumpstart your
acting or modelling career, we have photographers on staff available to come to your home,
business or sports center and provide quality photographs of your event.
This is a NEW service at Malone Designs and we welcome any inquiries.

BWith many years of experience in photography and graphic design, our staff at our sister company
ER Photo Dr has been transforming and retouching photographs for business as well as individual clients.
A passion for quality workmanship, our photo retouching techniques provide clients with expressed
attention to detail creating a finished product that is as special as the memory that created the image in the first place.
For more information go to www.ERPHOTODR.com

There is a NEW Jewelry Design section available here at this site. If you click on the "Jewelry Designs" button on the left
you will be able to view many original jewelry designs available for sale at Malone handmade original Jewelry.
The quality is top-notch and the prices are reasonable... and the necklaces and bracelets look good on you too!

We have staff who not only have created many written works here at Malone Designs, from books to
screen plays to children's books etc, we are also available for assignment to write your
slogan or brochure or whatever you need. We also have staff who can meticulously examine your
document and give you proofreading advice, corrections and suggestions.
This is also a NEW service and we invite you to give our writers and proofreaders a try. Click here to see samples.

Have an event coming up that you need displayed on T-shirts? Photos and slogans in all
colors and designs. We can offer inkjet transfers, hand painted deigns or silk screen through
our partners in the business. Let us know your needs and we'll get the job done!

A brand new section of Jo Malone Designs is handmade crocheted blankets, throws, baby dolls,
baby clothes, bridal dolls etc. Our staff can provide a quality hand-crocheted item that will keep you
warm or accessorize your event or keep that special little one in your home very cozy.
Give us a shout and let us know what your needs are!

Want to create a scrapbook page for a new addition to the family, or document your vacation in
pictures and words on several scrapbook pages in a memory book? Well we have the staff who can
guide you through the process or actaully create the pages for you. You supply the photographic
memories and we will deliver a product which will keep those fond memories alive for generations to come.


Note: For those contacting me on a personal level, please e-mail me at malonedesigns@comcast.net

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