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Jo Malone Designs has been involved with many CD designs for music artists, DVD designs for
those family treasures you've transferred to digital format, as well as CD/DVD designs with
business logos for proposals and sales materials. We work with many CD/DVD
manufacturers to produce not only quality output but the sky's the limit on quantity as well.
Just tell us your needs and we will get the job done.

The following CD art was created for a talented group of performers from Horsham, PA.
They are known as Celestia Performing Arts Association.
The terrific holiday CD and the Sounds of Screen and Stage are available for purchase.
Pick up your copy by going to their Web site
Click on each cover to see all of the art from the CDs.

The following CD art was created for a very talented friend of mine – Marilynn Manfra.
She writes her own songs and sings like an angel.
If you want more information about Marilynn or you'd like to find out where to
get a copy of her fabulous CD, go to
Click on the cover to see all of the art from the CD.

I was the art consultant on a design for a CD by the late, great Eddie Starr.
I believe he is still with us in spirit and his music will bring happiness for generations to come.
To find out more information about Eddie's CD, click on the art below.


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